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Divine rest produces the supremely Christlike and crucial character trait of meekness. So we continue our series on that topic…

The cross is the ultimate expression of Jesus’ selfless love, the kind of love through which royalty expresses its essential nature.  In God’s Kingdom, kings carry crosses.  And I believe that no character trait reveals the majesty of the cross more than meekness.  Meekness is the essential mark of the cross.  It is the death of self, leaving the deepest scar on the soul.

Meekness is a facet of humility.  The word literally means gentleness, tenderness, a quiet spirit, or even courtesy.  The English term comes from a word meaning soft or gentle, and is often associated with weakness.  But biblical meekness – the meekness of Jesus Christ – is not rooted in weakness.  It is rooted in power.

True meekness emerges from that cluster of character traits belonging to people who thrive in the Holy Spirit.  They live from the divine life abiding inside, not in reaction to the pressures and provocations swarming outside.  Their hearts are in order, even if the world around them is not.  They can sleep on the boat while the storm rages.  For “the peace of Christ is ruling in their hearts” (Col 3:15).  Death itself has been defeated by their Lord.  God’s peace-making dominion is more real to them than the chaos trying to destroy their security.

Those who are truly meek value the expansion of God’s Kingdom more than anything – more than reputation, financial success, or earthly well-being.  Nothing, therefore, can threaten them.  And if they cannot be threatened, they will not react with fear or anger when assailed.  Instead, they will respond to every attack with gentleness, remaining at rest in the impregnable rock of surrender.

Meekness is the offspring of rest.

More on this tomorrow…